Deal 4: Wax Heater

2,000.00 1,650.00

Deal Include:

  • 1 Wax Heater with 6 Month Warranty


This “wax Heater”is designed to be compatible with all types of ” waxes” . It fits standard 14-ounce cans. The warmer features a 75-watt heating element. It heats fast and uniformly to deliver greater results. It has two temperature settings: medium and high. The maximum adjustable temperature of this warmer is 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The cover comes in a see-through design for excellent monitoring of the whole process.It is useful for all “skin type” that give you Guaranteedresult and its useful for “full body “and “sensitive ” part of the body as well .

” Usage Direction ”

*Place the “hot wax” into the wax heater of your choice.Heat the wax to a working temperature.
* Using a spatula,spread a layer of hot wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of the “hair growth”
* Allow short period to cool and then holding the skin taut remove the “wax” with a film action against the “direction “of the “hair growth”